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Meet the awesome team behind

the most comprehensive NativeScript training

Paul Halliday

NativeScript Trainer

Paul Halliday is a tech entrepreneur that specialises in cross platform mobile development. He graduated with a first class honours in BSc Computer Science from the University of Sunderland and has received numerous awards including the SIEM Prize, Sunderland University Professional Award, and more.

Nathan Walker

NativeScript Trainer

Nathan Ross Walker has enjoyed the opportunity to work in the web/mobile app development arena for over 15 years. His varied background rooted in the world of design and the arts provides him a unique approach to problem solving. Spending several years working across multiple industries including entertainment, audio/video production, manufacturing, b2b marketing, communications, and technology helped establish a focused sensibility with client needs.

Sean Perkins

NativeScript Trainer

Sean Perkins is a technology enthusiast with a deep background in object-orientated programming languages. Experienced with full-stack development, design and digital marketing best-practices; he focuses on building stable, performant and scalable web, native and backend solutions for corporate enterprises.

Eddy Verbruggen

NativeScript Trainer

Eddy is a full-stack developer who loves a technical challenge. His mottos are “Don’t complain, fix it” and “Impossible problems simply require more effort”. He affectionately calls GitHub “Home” and is sometimes tricked into giving a presentation or creating a course. Favorite food: licorice and Stroopwafels (hey, I’m Dutch!).

William TjondroSuharto

Nativescript Ambassador

William is a Nativescript Ambassador based in Chicago, IL. He is a front end enthusiast with a love for all things web.

Shiva Prasad

NativeScript Expert

Shiva is an Angular Evangelist, Machine Learning enthusiast and a polyglot developer who loves NativeScript. He works as a Lead Software Developer at Bfit Technologies and is a Partner at nStudio.io. He is also the first NativeScript Developer Expert from India. He is always up for learning new technologies, and sharing his knowledge with other developers. He is also a speed cuber and he loves to play games on his Nintendo Switch.

Tiago Alves

NativeScript Vue Guru

Over the last 15 years in the development business, Tiago did a bit of everything until finally landing in the soft arms of Vue.js. He is very excited with the possibility of using Vue with NativeScript and so he has been helping with the nativescript-vue community effort for some time.

Royi Namir

Fullstack Programmer

Royi is a fullstack programmer from Israel, who has many years experience in programming Angular, C#, SQL, .Net, security, and building systems from scratch. He's also a NativeScript enthusiast. He loves new technologies, internals and to see clever code. He's been around for many years in Stackoverflow; contributing, asking, and helping. If he finds that something can be done much faster, or in a simpler way, you will know it.

Alex Ziskind

Trainer and Owner

Alex Ziskind consistently strives to be on the cutting edge of technology, employs the latest web and mobile techniques and integrates them with the cloud. For the last 16 years, Alex has been developing software solutions for the enterprise as well as small startups. In the last 8 years, his Washington DC based company, Nuvious, has been involved in architecting and implementing cloud solutions on an international scale. Since 2015, Alex has been recognized as a Telerik Developer Expert due to his community involvement with NativeScript. You can connect with Alex on Twitter @digitalix.

About the most comprehensive NativeScript training

NativeScripting is a single place for high quality, evergreen, on demand video learning for NativeScript. Created by Alex Ziskind, who has also authored courses for Pluralsight and LinkedIn, NativeScripting offers up to date video content that is delivered to the learner quickly, just as the versions of NativeScript change quickly. This is the single place for top NativeScript experts to share their knowledge with the world, in video form.