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NativeScript Core Pro

The complete course for developing NativeScript mobile applications for iOS and Android.

NativeScript Core Pro

About this course


Alex Ziskind

Trainer and Owner

Alex Ziskind

Alex lives in Washington, DC. He's a speaker, trainer, and a Telerik Developer Expert. He's been invloved in NativeScript projects since 2015 and has created courses for Pluralsight and LinkedIn.

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    NativeScript Core
118 lessons


This course is an advanced course that covers everything from iOS and Android application lifecycle control to testing, transpiling, and deploying your applications. This is the NativeScript Core course so we're using TypeScript and CSS in this course.

What you'll learn

This course will help you become and expert in cross-platform mobile app development by mastering the advanced topics in NativeScript. You will use a practical approach to the advanced topics by building an end-to-end mobile application, solving a real-world problem at an enterprise level.

You will begin with covering the important features of NativeScript that you might not be aware of, which can make your work easier. Then we'll cover advanced topics like the core concepts, user interface, plugins, templates, performance optimisations, framework modules, etc. You will also cover unit testing, debugging along with advanced CLI workings. And of course, we'll cover deployment to app stores.

We'll go into some best practices as well as troubleshooting techniques that will be useful. By the end of the course, you will have upgraded your skills by mastering the advanced topics in NativeScript and will have a skilled advantage to grow in your career.


  • This course is available now at pre-sale pricing. Many of the chapters are already released and ready to watch, with new chapters being released continuously.


  • Welcome

    • 1
      Welcome (1:17)
    • 2
      Course Overview (2:25)
    • 3
      Using the Exercise Files (0:34)
    • 4
      About Versions (1:01)
    • 5
      What We're Building (1:51)
  • Tooling

    • 6
      Overview (0:41)
    • 7
      Accessing the Native Platform (7:11)
    • 8
      Project Dependencies (2:44)
    • 9
      Keeping a Clean Workspace (3:12)
    • 10
      Debugging Options (4:22)
    • 11
      Configuring Linting (7:39)
    • 12
      Keeping Code Formatted (2:04)
  • Backend Server

    • 13
      Overview (1:16)
    • 14
      Setting Up the Server (6:53)
    • 15
      Consuming the API Using the Fetch Polyfill (7:22)
    • 16
      Running the Completed Backend (1:15)
  • Application Management

    • 17
      Overview (1:01)
    • 18
      Project Structure (4:14)
    • 19
      Bootstrapping with Authentication in Mind (5:21)
    • 20
      Application Multi-Environment Configuration (8:06)
    • 21
      Application Configuration via Command Line (7:27)
    • 22
      Application Life Cycle Platform Differences (5:09)
    • 23
      Native Application Events (8:49)
  • Application Architecture

    • 24
      Overview (1:55)
    • 25
      MVVM Pattern (2:09)
    • 26
      MVVM View Responsibilities (8:04)
    • 27
      Applying MVVM: The ViewModel (11:59)
    • 28
      Clean Architecture (4:50)
    • 29
      Applying Clean Architecture to Core (9:45)
    • 30
      Applying Clean Architecture to Infrastructure (5:44)
    • 31
      Auth Flow Business Logic: Injecting Repositories and Services (9:59)
    • 32
      Adding Dependencies: Storage (6:11)
    • 33
      Adding Dependencies: Logging (3:38)
    • 34
      Observable Property Decorator (5:04)
  • State Management

    • 35
      Overview (1:51)
    • 36
      Methodology (2:15)
    • 37
      App State (6:20)
    • 38
      App State Service (5:54)
    • 39
      Backlog View Model (4:05)
    • 40
      Backlog Page (2:07)
    • 41
      Backlog Repository (3:33)
    • 42
      Backlog Service (3:44)
    • 43
      Using App State (6:38)
    • 44
      Moving to the Server (6:05)
    • 45
      Expanding the State Object with CurrentUser (13:11)
  • Navigation

    • 46
      Overview (1:09)
    • 47
      Project Updates and Navigation Plan (3:33)
    • 48
      Login/Registration Navigation (3:28)
    • 49
      Routes and Nav Helper (5:09)
    • 50
      Controlling Login Navigation State and Transition (5:51)
    • 51
      Passing Data Between Pages (4:49)
    • 52
      Controlling Platform Specific Back Navigation (6:39)
    • 53
      Logging Out (3:09)
    • 54
      Programmatic Navigation (4:07)
    • 55
      Dynamic Page Loading (3:50)
  • Components

    • 56
      Overview (0:54)
    • 57
      NativeScript UI Intro (2:15)
    • 58
      Integrating the Side Drawer (8:43)
    • 59
      Application State for Custom Component (6:31)
    • 60
      Custom Menu Component (3:24)
    • 61
      Accessing Custom Properties in TypeScript (3:49)
    • 62
      Custom Component Binding (4:47)
    • 63
      Building a Custom TabStrip (9:16)
    • 64
      Floating Action Button (FAB) (4:51)
  • Scalable Modal Dialog Architecture

    • 65
      Overview (1:16)
    • 66
      Modal Dialog Implementation (9:37)
    • 67
      Reusable Modal Wrappers (4:59)
    • 68
      Scalable and Typed Modal List Picker (6:17)
    • 69
      Specialized List Selection Modal Dialog (7:04)
    • 70
      Nested Modal Pages (5:08)
    • 71
      Navigable Modal Pages with ActionBar (7:09)
  • DataForm and Native Editor Modifications

    • 72
    • 73
      DataForm Introduction and Setup
    • 74
      DataForm Editors
    • 75
      DataForm Commit Modes Workflow
    • 76
      DataForm Manual Commit Mode
    • 77
      Stepper Editor Native Modification Example
    • 78
      Segmented Editor Native Modification Example
    • 79
      Multiline Editor Native Modification Example
    • 80
      Picker Editor Native Modification Example
  • Native UI Control of Status Bar and ListView

    • 81
    • 82
      iOS Status Bar Colors
    • 83
      Animating the Status Bar on iOS
    • 84
      Android Immersive Full Screen Mode
    • 85
      Android Status Bar Background Color
    • 86
      Animating the Status Bar on Android
    • 87
      Detecting ListView Scroll on iOS with the UITableViewDelegate
    • 88
      Detecting ListView Scroll on Android with the OnScrollListener
  • Testing

    • 89
      Planned Lesson
    • 90
      Configuring your project
      Planned Lesson
    • 91
      Creating tests
      Planned Lesson
    • 92
      Running tests
      Planned Lesson
    • 93
      Configuring Karma
      Planned Lesson
  • Preparing for Deployment

    • 94
      Planned Lesson
    • 95
      Configuring WebPack
      Planned Lesson
    • 96
      Bundling with WebPack
      Planned Lesson
    • 97
      Bundling Extra Assets
      Planned Lesson
    • 98
      Advanced WebPack
      Planned Lesson
    • 99
      iOS Launch screen
      Planned Lesson
    • 100
      iOS App Icons
      Planned Lesson
    • 101
      iOS publishing
      Planned Lesson
    • 102
      Android Launch screen
      Planned Lesson
    • 103
      Android App Icons
      Planned Lesson
    • 104
      Android publishing
      Planned Lesson
  • More UI Widgets

    • 105
      Note about UI chapters
      Planned Lesson
  • Appendix: Hardware Access

    • 106
      Planned Lesson
    • 107
      Using Location
      Planned Lesson
    • 108
      Accessing the camera
      Planned Lesson
  • Appendix: Tracing and Debugging

    • 109
      Planned Lesson
    • 110
      Setting up tracing
      Planned Lesson
    • 111
      Using tracing
      Planned Lesson
    • 112
      Debugging options
      Planned Lesson
    • 113
      Debugging commands
      Planned Lesson
    • 114
      Debugging with Visual Studio Code
      Planned Lesson
  • Appendix: Multithreaded Programming

    • 115
      Planned Lesson
    • 116
      Workers API
      Planned Lesson
    • 117
      General Guidelines
      Planned Lesson
    • 118
      Planned Lesson

The courses on NativeScripting are easy to follow, paced well, and do a great job of getting you up to speed with NativeScript.

Raymond Camden
Raymond Camden

DevRel for Auth0 Extend

NativeScripting provides really high quality focused content around learning NativeScript! I love using the platform to refresh my skills and hone in on specific challenge areas to fill in my gaps of knowledge.

Tracy Lee | ladyleet
Tracy Lee | ladyleet

RxJS Core Team member and Google Developer Expert

The best NativeScript video content out there. NativeScripting’s courses are an amazing resource for getting started with NativeScript. Highly recommended.

TJ VanToll
TJ VanToll

Principal Developer Advocate @ProgressSW

NativeScripting is a great resource with top notch material on NativeScript and mobile application development with frameworks such as Angular and Vue. I highly recommend it for any developer, beginner to expert.

Nic Raboy
Nic Raboy

The Ployglot Developer

As a previous Developer Advocate for Progress/Telerik, who makes NativeScript, I've no hesitation in saying that NativeScripting.com is the only place you need to learn NativeScript, from the masterful Alex. His teaching style is absolutely on point; comprehensive and concise enough to have you building real mobile applications, whilst giving you fundamental and advanced knowledge necessary to survive in the wild.

Todd Motto
Todd Motto

Creator @ UltimateAngular and Google Developer Expert for Angular

Alex, affectionately known as the Voice of NativeScript, produces high quality video content that effectively teaches the ins and outs of NativeScript, walking students through the complexities of building mobile apps. These videos teach both NativeScript with Angular and NativeScript Core, offering two great ways to build beautiful apps.

Jen Looper
Jen Looper

Lead Dev Advocate @Microsoft, Founder and CEO of Vue Vixens

If you're looking to learn NativeScript, look no further than NativeScripting. These instructors are the best in the business. I know that because they helped me when I was first learning NativeScript. You can't do any better.

Burke Holland
Burke Holland

DevRel at Microsoft

NativeScripting is the best place for high quality NativeScript courses. Here you will find all learning materials you will ever need to get started with NativeScript. But also, there is a ton of advanced courses for a seasoned NativeScript dev.

Sebastian Witalec
Sebastian Witalec

Sr. Developer Advocate at Progress

Excellent as an introduction, easy to understand, totally useful, if you are a Vue developer, you should take this material to start with the right foot.

Hernán Piña
Hernán Piña

JavaScript Developer

If you want to understand and master NativeScript, Alex’s NativeScripting course videos are the way to go. He is truly the ‘Voice of NativeScript’ as he can break down complex ideas in such a way that would help you accelerate your goal in building beautiful mobile applications. Highly recommend him and definitely worth your time and money!

Devlin Duldulao
Devlin Duldulao

Microsoft MVP

The introduction to NativeScript-Vue course is a fantastic foundation for learning how to both implement UIs using the Vue framework and also how to use the NativeScript toolsets, such as the CLI and the Sidekick app.

Chase Putnam
Chase Putnam

Backend and Frontend Developer

NativeScripting is an amazing technology to build applications with very good performance for the both main mobile platforms. not only that, also you can use Angular with all it's advantages, I really recommend this course.

Eisson Alipio
Eisson Alipio


NativeScripting is a great platform for learning NativeScript! There are many high quality video courses. Anyone who wants to develop a Native mobile application with NativeScript must have NativeScripting account. Try free courses to convince yourself.

Ramazan Ayvaz
Ramazan Ayvaz

Entrepreneur and Software Engineer

Being an introduction, it does a good job of clarifying some well know issues for beginners to the nativescript platform.

Emmanuel Oduro
Emmanuel Oduro

Entrepreneur and Laravel Developer

Excelent free course. You will get the basics for build simple but usefull apps and to grow in understanding about NativeScript framework.

Thiago Glauco
Thiago Glauco

JavaScript and Angular Developer

NativeScripting provides a wide range of courses, from basic to advanced concepts and from the core framework to Angular and Vue. That's why there is no need for other resources. Highly recommended.

Vahid Najafi
Vahid Najafi

Co-founder @ Sazmand, Backend and Frontend Developer

This course is amazing. I was already fumbling in creating my first NativeScript iOS app but this course helped set me up straight. It's awesome. Really detailed and thorough. I could sense an high level of know-how from the author.

Kelvin O. Omereshone
Kelvin O. Omereshone

Software developer 🥑. Modern Mobile Web Developer.

The Vue NativeScript introductory course is treated without unnecessary technical details. That allows you to be productive from day one.

Course is short, very concise with very good narration and teaching by Alex. Great for starters on NativeScript. Has coverage on a range of topics needed for creating full production cross platform application. I had already started creating my startup idea.

Sushan Baskota
Sushan Baskota

Full Stack Java and Angular Developer.

One of the best courses I've ever done, simple, objective and practical. Congratulations to the NativeScript team.

Helio Silva
Helio Silva

Software Developer

Please, if you are new to NativeScript this course is perfect. No nonsense at all. It is straight to the point and the instructor is awesome. The production of the course is fantastic. It is not often I find a course is this well put together.

Chris Custer
Chris Custer

Software Architect/Developer by day. RC Helicopter enthusiast by nights and weekend.

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