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NativeScript-Vue Introduction Course Released

After over a year of planning and waiting for a super stable version, it’s my pleasure to announce that together with the stable version…

Take control of your career. Build JavaScript mobile apps.

After over a year of planning and waiting for a super stable version, it’s my pleasure to announce that together with the stable version 2 release of NativeScript-Vue, we've released a beginner level video course called NativeScript-Vue Introduction.

NativeScript-Vue Introduction Illustration

Whether you’re like me, a NativeScript developer who’s always wanted to try Vue, or you’re a Vue developer who wants to create native iOS and Android apps using your favorite UI framework, this course will get you started.

The course currently consists of seven chapters and 48 video lessons of content to get you started with NativeScript-Vue. It starts from scratch and builds your knowledge of working with UI in NativeScript while integrating Vue concepts. It describes the performance benefits of using certain native UI elements and navigation techniques over others. And it discusses how using Vue in a native mobile application is very similar to using it on the web, along with some differences.

Make Your Own Chapter

This time I'm trying something new. I've added another chapter at the end of the course that's dedicated to showing NativeScript-Vue tutorials that students request. Many students end up having the same questions, so this section will explore those questions in video format. All I need from you is to send me your NativeScript-Vue related requests - things you want to see in video format. If I see enough interest in this, I'll continue this with other courses! Send me your requests via email or Twitter: @digitalix or comment below.

Here is what's in the course

Even though this video course is for beginners it doesn’t skip any foundational knowledge about how components derive from the main Vue instance and how Global components lead to Single File Components. There is also an extensive chapter on styling and animation as well as super useful info on tooling.

Getting Started

  • Course Introduction
  • About the Development Environment
  • Setting up the Prerequisites
  • Starting a Project from a Template
  • Using Vue DevTools
  • Debugging

Working with UI

  • Declarative Rendering
  • Property Binding
  • Conditionals
  • If vs Show
  • Loop with Layout
  • Loop with ListView
  • Gesture Binding
  • Two-Way Binding

Watchers and Computeds

  • Watch
  • Computed
  • Computed Getters and Setters
  • Computed vs. Method Calls

Component Basics

  • Global Components
  • Component Layout
  • Component Props
  • Component State

Scaling Components

  • Single File Components
  • Migrating from Global to Single File Component
  • Component Hierarchy
  • Component Communication
  • Render Function


  • Manual Routing
  • Navigation Options
  • Passing Data
  • Going Back
  • Modal Dialog
  • Modal Data


  • Global App Styles
  • SCSS
  • Component Styles and Scope
  • Component SCSS
  • Multiple Style Blocks
  • Style Order of Application
  • Platform Specific Styling
  • CSS Animation
  • Using Third Party Animation Libraries

At the end of this course, you should feel comfortable enough to start using NativeScript-Vue for your own native mobile application projects.

NativeScript-Vue Introduction is another evergreen course from NativeScripting, which means it will be refreshed with new, updated, and additional content, and once you sign up, you’ll always have access to it and any updates it will get.

Let me know about your experience with auth, or if you have any questions. Usually you'll find me hanging out on Twitter, I'm @digitalix.

Alex lives in Washington, DC. He's a speaker, trainer, and a Telerik Developer Expert. He's been invloved in NativeScript projects since 2015 and has created courses for Pluralsight and LinkedIn.

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Take control of your career. Build JavaScript mobile apps.